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Overview of the VOMED Basic.LINE.

The Basic.LINE comprises medical stopcocks, cannulaes, adapters as well as suction and irrigation instruments.

The main area of application is minimally invasive surgery.

The reusable, user-friendly, maintenance-friendly products are made of nickel-plated or chrome-plated brass, stainless steel and in individual cases plastic.

A prime example of lasting quality: 
medical stopcocks and adapters from VOMED.

The Basic.LINE range from VOMED includes the "VOLZER Stopcocks", named after the company founder Rudi Volzer. It is no coincidence that they enjoy an excellent reputation to this day – also because they guarantee absolute tightness. The individual stopcocks and valve pistons are interchangeable. In addition, the individual components can be taken apart and cleaned easily. All VOMED stopcocks and adapters are reusable. The comprehensive product range is also impressive, with 45 different stopcock types in up to 72 versions and 28 adapter types in 90 possible versions. The right solution for all requirements is available here.